The Key to Recruitment: Asking the Right Questions

The Key to Recruitment: Asking the Right Questions

Recruitment is all about using facts and information to find the perfect candidate for a specific job. Consider this quote from Julio Olalla, “Wisdom is a love affair with questions. Knowledge is a love affair with answers.” This statement perfectly sums up what makes a recruiter truly effective: the blend of seeking (wisdom) and finding (knowledge).

Wisdom’s Role in Recruitment

For recruitment to be successful, you must first have the wisdom of asking the right questions. By doing this, you’ll then have the knowledge to make the right and educated decisions. Take, for instance, our Applying Home Buying Approaches to Recruitment blog. Here, you’ll read about how our home-buying journey was centered around asking the right questions. It’s just the same in recruitment, where wisdom is the result of curiosity pushing us to reach a higher level of thinking and understanding. 

It’s about going beyond the resume, the job description and the position requirements. When we asked our friend for a new realtor, it wasn’t just about finding someone with a list of properties – it was about finding someone who listened, understood our unique situation and was willing to ask us what we truly needed, not just what was on our checklist.

In recruitment, this wisdom translates to understanding the cultural fit, the unspoken aspirations of a candidate and the vision of the company. It’s about asking questions that reveal not just competencies but also character, motivation and potential. This process is not about filling a position. Instead, it’s about building a future, much like choosing a home where you will build your life.

The Role of Knowledge in Recruitment

On the flip side, the answers we find result in the knowledge we hold. Similarly, in recruitment, each answer to our well-crafted questions brings clarity and direction. These answers act as our guiding light to finding the best match between a candidate and a company. 

How These Roles Work Together

The true magic of recruitment unfolds when wisdom and knowledge intertwine seamlessly. It’s about asking the right questions to unearth profound insights and using these insights to steer our decisions. This delicate balance ensures that we aren’t just filling positions, but we’re forging meaningful connections and shaping futures.

During the recruitment process, we keep Julio Olalla’s words in mind. The questions that we ask grant us wisdom. While the answers that we receive grant us knowledge. With these two aspects of the recruitment process, we are given the necessary tools to align the right individuals with the right roles. Together, we use wisdom and knowledge to help businesses grow and take advantage of more exciting opportunities without having to compromise.