Throughout our 23 years of marriage, my wife and I have purchased 10 homes. We’ve resided in five of them, while the remaining five served as investments. The most nerve-wracking home purchase we ever made was in 2003 in Jacksonville, FL. At that point, we listed our home for sale, and within a mere 72 hours, it was already under contract with a full-price cash offer. This meant we had just 30 days to pack up our lives and move 8 hours away, back to our family and friends in Baton Rouge, LA. We had not informed anyone at work about our impending departure, but we had an ailing family member in Baton Rouge, and we knew God was calling us to move back home. 

After work on a Friday afternoon, we drove into Baton Rouge – my uncle gave us the name of a realtor, and we had done our research on what homes we wanted to see. We had 36 hours to pick a house before we had to make the 8-hour drive back and be at work on Monday morning. There we were with our printed MLS sheets in the back of an Oldsmobile with a realtor I could only describe as a typical Grandmother – if your Grandmother had a turkey neck, blue hair, crazy ambition, and a vision for how you should live your life and didn’t listen to you. She took us to every house she wanted to sell and very few of the ones we wanted to see. We were running out of time. We called a friend from the back of that Oldsmobile for another referral. We chaotically shared our plight with Mel Landry, and Mel told us to ask the nice lady to leave us on the side of the road. In no time at all, Mel came in on his brown Nissan Pathfinder horse to save the day. Mel showed us two houses that we wanted to see, and we purchased the first house. Mel and his wife Denise became very close friends, and we purchased five more properties with Mel over the years.

So, what does that crazy story have to do with recruiting?  

  1. Everyone writes a job description when they need to hire (well, most of us anyway!). But just as important as the technical details is to know how quickly you need to make that hire. Are you in need of hiring the best person who is looking in the next two weeks, or would you prefer to wait until the perfect person comes on the market? In our most recent move, Sarah and I didn’t have to move. We were simply passively looking for years until something close to perfect came along. Be crystal clear with your team who is helping find your folks on how urgent your need is. 
  2. Ensure your recruiters are listening and understanding what you are looking for and not their own beliefs/opinions about what you should be looking for. Usually, this is a process over time as you work with your team, but often, you can tell right away if something is amiss. Bias and unconscious bias in recruiting will be a future blog (Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink should be required reading for anyone interviewing and hiring).
  3. Move quickly. But do not misunderstand – it’s important that you DO NOT skip the steps in your hiring process to ensure you have the right person in the right seat. So often, we see clients lose the best candidate because the hiring process took too long. You must be able to decide on a person in one week or less in most cases. The longer that person is looking, the less of a chance they will accept your job or your offer. Just like you are hunting for a new employee, they are hunting for a new home, and you have no idea what their timeline is. Are they going to accept the first thing, or are they going to shop for a year? The longer you take, the less chance they accept your offer, or the bigger chance they counter because they have another offer, or you spend a ton of time on a candidate that turns you down to get a better deal at their current job and wastes you and your team’s valuable time. Even if you are passively looking – you must have the discipline to push your hiring process forward in one week (note: this fits 80% of positions but not all).

Thank you for reading – I believe God put me on this earth to help bring people to a better place, so I am always trying to explore and learn. If you have ideas or stories for a blog – or a topic you would like to see more about, please let me know, as I would love to connect and learn together.

Welcome to CEG Recruiting, your premier talent acquisition partner, dedicated to delivering top-notch candidates tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. 

With close to 40 years of recruiting and retention experience among our team, we pride ourselves on being experts in practically every industry, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, disaster recovery, environmental, aerospace/defense, sales and marketing, healthcare, and technology.

Whether you require contract positions, direct placements, or contract-to-hire solutions, our consultative approach ensures we find the perfect fit for your team.

Our Recruitment Process: A Personalized Journey

At CEG Recruiting, we understand the importance of finding the right person for the right seat, and this drives our entire recruitment process. We start with an in-depth consultation, taking the time to understand your organization’s goals, values, and unique culture. By aligning with your vision, we can seek out behaviorally qualified candidates who will not only have the necessary technical skills but also possess the right attitude and mindset to thrive in your work environment.

Our interviews go beyond evaluating qualifications; we dig deeper to uncover the attributes that will contribute to a harmonious and collaborative work culture. We believe in transparency, and we encourage candidates to identify potential obstacles or weaknesses, allowing us to recognize those demonstrating a growth mindset and adaptability to thrive within your company.

Unique Strengths and Comprehensive Assessments

As a talent acquisition partner, we pride ourselves on aligning recruiters with roles that best utilize their unique strengths. Our comprehensive, AI-driven behavioral assessments provide you with extra data points beyond the resume. You’ll gain insights into a candidate’s motivators, strengths, weaknesses, and even aspects like pace and sociability. This valuable information ensures a deeper understanding of potential candidates, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Collaborative Team and Ready-to-Talk Candidates

Our collaborative team is well-equipped to assist in filling positions across industries, ensuring a steady flow of qualified candidates reaching your inbox weekly. Additionally, our extensive database comprises thousands of warm, ready-to-talk business candidates, saving you time and expediting the hiring process.

We are proud to hold certifications in military veteran recruiting, exemplifying our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, our team has undergone sales training, ensuring we can confidently represent your company and attract the best candidates.

Presenting Your Winning Team

Our commitment to efficiency without compromising on quality ensures that we present you with suitable candidates for consideration within 30 days or less. Rest assured that the candidates we recommend won’t just meet your expectations; they will also embody your company’s values and fit seamlessly into your culture.

Experience the CEG Recruiting Difference

At CEG Recruiting, we treat your hiring needs as if they were our own. Give us the opportunity to work with a few of your requisitions, and you’ll witness the CEG Recruiting difference firsthand. Our consultative touch will guide your hiring managers, enabling you to capitalize on top talent faster than your competitors.

Are you ready to find the perfect candidate who will make a lasting impact on your company? Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together. CEG Recruiting is committed to delivering top-quality talent that not only meets your requirements but also elevates your organization to new heights. Let’s find your next dynamic team member and set the stage for success!

At CEG Assessments, we specialize in connecting the right talent with the right positions. After facing recruitment struggles first-hand, we used our extensive industry experience to create an efficient recruitment process designed to simplify the task of finding and hiring ideal candidates. Our goal is to help you make smarter hires and ensure long-term retention.

Through our expertise and advanced assessment methods, we identify candidates who not only have the required skills but also align with your company’s values and goals. This approach reduces turnover and cultivates a stable, high-performing team.

As your growth and success partner, our recruitment solution works to enable you to make strategic hiring choices that benefit your business today and lay a strong foundation for the future. With us, you can hire confidently, knowing you’re investing in your organization’s growth and sustainability.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of working with a recruitment firm that left you disappointed, struggling to find qualified candidates or, in some cases, any candidates at all? Perhaps you felt like your needs and preferences were not being truly heard or considered. If you can relate to these challenges, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, it’s what has inspired us to provide businesses facing similar recruiting struggles with an effective solution.
What sets CEG apart from other recruiting firms is that we work to understand your struggles, needs and goals, especially when hiring ideal candidates. From your requirements for a new hire to your time constraints, we analyze and manage all the essential aspects to identify the perfect person for your position.

Whether you are trying to grow your business by accepting more clients, projects or opportunities, the best way to execute and drive growth is by bringing in more qualified people. Oftentimes, when businesses do not have enough employees to take on exciting opportunities, owners either have to pass up on the opportunity or accept it and shoulder an unrealistic workload. Either of these options is ideal, but we understand that recruiting the right people for the right job can be a difficult and timely process.

That is until now. After facing these challenges ourselves, we decided to create a solution designed to help businesses recruit the right candidates through a painless, effective and efficient process. Listen to Chad Heiser, CEO and President of CEG, as he discusses ways in which CEG can help you with recruitment for your next big project.

Have you ever felt passionate about a project that aligns with your expertise and would help grow your business, but you didn’t have the staff to take it on? Many business owners face this dilemma. When this happens, business owners have to either pass on dream opportunities or shoulder the burden themselves, meaning working late nights and missing out on important, non-work-related moments and events. 


A short staff can lead to missed opportunities – in and outside the office. We know this because we’ve experienced this challenge ourselves. That’s why we created a recruitment solution designed to help business owners easily identify ideal candidates for their teams. At CEG, we help you hire the right candidates within your time frames so you never have to pass on projects. With our industry-proven recruitment process, we help you grow your team so you can grow your company.