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Recently I had a conversation with someone who said they could throw a rock and hit 4 recruiters—they are just that plentiful. Low employment, changing tech, Covid (and all the employee changes associated with it), the difference in generations and colleges not changing fast enough to teach the soft skills needed in management in the workplace. I could go on and on. These things have created a need for recruiters and a guide to help with recruiting. So many new firms have popped up and many new people have started calling on potential clients to help them recruit. 

So with all these recruiters calling you—how do you discern how to pick?  

Care—unselfish service. If you engage with a recruiter, wouldn’t you want to interview them? And if you are interviewing them, what are you looking for? I suggest care and unselfish service. To care, a recruiter has to do a very difficult thing, which we work hard to hire for and teach all of our people at CEG. Your recruiter has to take a project (working on a position) where the recruiter (or recruiting firm) only gets paid if you hire someone. Imagine how difficult that would be to completely ignore Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (the need to support one’s family), serve you and serve the candidate in an unselfish way. If a recruiter can do this successfully, this is one of the elements required to move them from recruiter to consultant/trusted partner.

Here is an example of what I mean. The recruiter interviews a candidate and something in their interview doesn’t feel right, but they don’t dig anymore because on paper, the candidate looks perfect and they feel like the candidate will get hired. They don’t transmit any negative or con type of information at all. Malcolm Gladwell talks about 10,000 hours to be an expert at something and recruiters who have this experience can often pick up on body language, tone, a few words, etc. that can be an important clue to uncover what is in your best interest as a client and in the candidates best interest long term. 

In our experience, it is rare or just does not exist for a recruiting firm to think, hire or train in this way. We believe there are people out there who can bring in more candidates, or have tricks or technology we do not have. If we are truly looking out for our clients’ best interest, we are trying to always figure out how to contract with those people and remain in your consultant/guide seat so that the deepest, more important parts of your service remain consistent.

Ask yourself—what will my firm still need in 100 years? I would suggest it will still be the need to help discover people’s calling. What about them is special? Align that with people and roles who can bring out the best in that person and help them flourish and grow because then you will help an organization flourish and grow. And align managers with people who they want to do work and life with—people who give them energy, not take energy away. The values associated with this work will never change, which is where CEG will work diligently to be experts. The technology, tools and methods will change which is where CEG will partner with others who are experts on your behalf.

Trust—this is your part as a client. Many of you amazing business leaders reading this are going to say that we will go out of business financially operating like this on a contingent basis. Perhaps you are correct. It is our belief, however, that we must interview our clients just as they interview us. We must know we can trust that when they engage with us, they will hire from us. We must know that they have a level of care for us and our success. And ultimately, we want to be their consultant, guide and valued partner. This is what gives our team fulfillment. If this is not what a client is looking for, we will not be a fit for them long term. We are not looking to do business with every client, and we suspect we will go through 1000 clients to find the 100 that fit this level of service. So, care has to work both ways to create trust and this then creates an alignment of rocket fuel for hiring A players.  

Most contingent recruiting firms will take nearly any opening and the dirty secret in recruiting is that does not mean they actually work on those openings. They are going to prioritize your opening and if they do not deem it to be the most profitable piece of business that day, week, month or quarter, they will not devote resources to that opening. So the challenge companies face is a million recruiters calling on them who have amazing sales people. Most often, it is the best salesperson who gets the business, not necessarily the best company to service your needs. This is why having clear standards and investing your time interviewing recruiting firms and only engaging with those who can rise to your standards is so important. If your standards are such that you want a firm that is a trusted partner, consultant, guide and focuses their blood, sweat and treasure on making themselves the best in the world at the processes, screenings, trainings, hiring, tools, techniquest, partnerships and associated with helping to bring people to a better place (people in this case meaning our clients, our candidates and ourselves) then we would love to serve you and start your interview of us.

Culture sounds like something on a petri dish—meet Will. Years ago, we had the opportunity as a leadership group to go to Gettysburg and learn for a day at the Army War College where Generals are taught. Walking the fields and recounting the decisions made and the business principles associated with those decisions was so powerful—especially when it was life and death and the fate of a nation on the line. Will is motivation. Will is a want to or an eager energy. If you want to win at anything, the formula is so simple. Means times Will equals outcome.

I can’t seem to get that big rock moved from point A to point B—very simple. I need enough people motivated to move it (Will) or enough money (means) to purchase the equipment or a combination (means times Will) to achieve that outcome. 

Will is company culture. Culture has become such a cliché word that I so much prefer WILL now. If I have the true Will to do something at the end of the day, I’m energized from doing it. Think about the tasks that give you energy and take energy away. You know if you do more of what gives you energy, then you can do even more of it and enjoy it and love it. People who love scuba diving don’t get tired of scuba diving! This is a true winwin productivity for employees and employers together. Hitler understood the power of will and used that power for unspeakable evil. Governments and businesses are similar in that they both are organizations that rely on people to accomplish things. How people use the power of Will determines the outcome. 

The Will of the people is powerful. Governments are overthrown by the Will of the people. Businesses are too, but rarely does anyone talk about or write books about those cases. It’s not as dramatic. It doesn’t happen quickly, but when your most motivated people leave, they do so one at a time. It takes years. By the time it happens, you are left with mostly only people who understand how to manage spreadsheets (Means) and a minority of people suffering who remember and are clinging to the Will that used to exist around them.

These companies find themselves paying more for things and not understanding why. Who do you get a better price from? The vendor you have treated with respect and dignity and now has the Will to want to work for you or the one who is only there because of your means? And yet, when I went to business college—business psychology was not taught—it was not a thing. You may be saying to yourself, “This sounds like employee manipulation. And I say to you, YES! 

Please, someone manipulate me to change my Will and mindset around cleaning my gutters—even just a little bit (maybe tell me to whistle some tunes while I’m doing it – or my wife flash me and make me smile!) and I will enjoy life a little more that day and have better family relationships and get more done that day.

One more. If you have ever had a five-year-old – what does the day feel like at the end of the day when you have to spend the day doing things that a 5-year-old hates? How much energy (Will) do you have left at the end of that day? What about a day at Disney World? On the day the 5yearold hates—let’s say you have to bring him to your work that day because you don’t have a choice. Do you try to find ways to make that day more fun for him? Why do you do this? Why do we not do the same for each other and the people in our care? It doesn’t have to make it fun for adults (although adults need more of that!) – it can make it purposeful – meaningful – playful- fellowship.

Why do underfunded small businesses succeed? Why do people want to work for companies where they are not compensated to market standards? Why do companies still fail at things that have all the capital they could ever need? Meet my friend WILL.

The process of hiring can sometimes feel like a high-stakes game for both employers and candidates. With each party driven by their own pressing needs and aspirations, creating authentic connections amidst the whirlwind of expectations can seem daunting. At CEG, we understand the delicate balance required to navigate this journey with empathy, transparency and genuine care.

Understanding the Urgency

For employers, the urgency in hiring stems from the critical need to fill key positions within their organizations swiftly and effectively. Whether it’s due to rapid growth, project deadlines or unforeseen departures, the pressure to secure top talent can be intense. However, in this urgency, it’s essential to remember that candidates are not just pieces to fit into a puzzle but individuals with their own goals, concerns and timelines.

Similarly, candidates often find themselves navigating the job market under the weight of urgency. Whether they’re seeking employment due to career advancement, financial stability or personal circumstances, the need to secure a job can create stress and anxiety. Yet, among these pressures, candidates crave authenticity and a sense of connection with prospective employers.

Fostering Authentic Connections

At CEG, we recognize that authentic connections are the foundation of successful recruitment. This begins by understanding that each party brings unique perspectives, experiences and needs to the table. 

For employers, this means that rather than viewing candidates solely through the lens of skills and qualifications, employers should strive to understand the individual behind the resume. By asking meaningful questions and actively listening, employers can create an environment where candidates feel valued and respected.

Likewise, candidates should be honest about their skills and experiences while also expressing any concerns or questions they may have about the role or the company. By fostering open and honest communication, candidates can ensure that the job opportunity aligns with their values and goals.

Transparency and Trust

Transparency is so important in building trust between employers and candidates. At CEG, we believe in providing clear and honest communication throughout the hiring process, from initial interviews to offer negotiations. 

By being transparent about the opportunities and challenges inherent in the role, employers can set realistic expectations for candidates and foster trust from the outset. Likewise, candidates should feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification on any aspect of the job or the company.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

At CEG, we understand that the hiring process can be stressful for both parties, which is why we prioritize creating an environment where everyone feels heard, valued and respected. By approaching recruitment with a genuine desire to understand the needs and aspirations of both employers and candidates, we can facilitate meaningful connections that lead to long-term success. Together, we can ensure that the right people find the right opportunities at the right time.

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Recruitment is all about using facts and information to find the perfect candidate for a specific job. Consider this quote from Julio Olalla, “Wisdom is a love affair with questions. Knowledge is a love affair with answers.” This statement perfectly sums up what makes a recruiter truly effective: the blend of seeking (wisdom) and finding (knowledge).

Wisdom’s Role in Recruitment

For recruitment to be successful, you must first have the wisdom of asking the right questions. By doing this, you’ll then have the knowledge to make the right and educated decisions. Take, for instance, our Applying Home Buying Approaches to Recruitment blog. Here, you’ll read about how our home-buying journey was centered around asking the right questions. It’s just the same in recruitment, where wisdom is the result of curiosity pushing us to reach a higher level of thinking and understanding. 

It’s about going beyond the resume, the job description and the position requirements. When we asked our friend for a new realtor, it wasn’t just about finding someone with a list of properties – it was about finding someone who listened, understood our unique situation and was willing to ask us what we truly needed, not just what was on our checklist.

In recruitment, this wisdom translates to understanding the cultural fit, the unspoken aspirations of a candidate and the vision of the company. It’s about asking questions that reveal not just competencies but also character, motivation and potential. This process is not about filling a position. Instead, it’s about building a future, much like choosing a home where you will build your life.

The Role of Knowledge in Recruitment

On the flip side, the answers we find result in the knowledge we hold. Similarly, in recruitment, each answer to our well-crafted questions brings clarity and direction. These answers act as our guiding light to finding the best match between a candidate and a company. 

How These Roles Work Together

The true magic of recruitment unfolds when wisdom and knowledge intertwine seamlessly. It’s about asking the right questions to unearth profound insights and using these insights to steer our decisions. This delicate balance ensures that we aren’t just filling positions, but we’re forging meaningful connections and shaping futures.

During the recruitment process, we keep Julio Olalla’s words in mind. The questions that we ask grant us wisdom. While the answers that we receive grant us knowledge. With these two aspects of the recruitment process, we are given the necessary tools to align the right individuals with the right roles. Together, we use wisdom and knowledge to help businesses grow and take advantage of more exciting opportunities without having to compromise.

SITECH Louisiana, a certified Trimble dealership providing construction technology, drone solutions and consulting and support services, needed recruitment solutions to attract top-tier sales talent for their consultative sales approach.

The Challenge

Dedicated to delivering exceptional service, SITECH Louisiana has earned the trust of construction contractors across the state as their partner in building a better Louisiana. On a mission to expand its sales team, SITECH Louisiana needed qualified candidates who aligned with its company culture and could provide high-quality consultative solutions tailored to construction contractors’ needs. To source culturally and professionally fit candidates, SITECH Louisiana partnered with CEG Recruiting for tailored solutions and comprehensive service.

The Solution

To effectively address SITECH Louisiana’s challenges and needs, CEG gained a comprehensive understanding of the business’s culture, goals and pains, as well as the specific requirements and skills needed for the positions. Using this information, CEG sourced behaviorally qualified candidates in the market space who were not only technically qualified for the position but also aligned with SITECH Louisiana’s company culture.

Once CEG sourced qualified candidates, it combined its proven screening practices with SITECH’s unique recruitment process to provide a white-glove, tailored approach. Through this in-depth screening process and thorough understanding of SITECH Louisiana’s needs and goals, as well as the characteristics and skills of its ideal candidates, CEG acted as a seamless extension of the company and narrowed the recruitment funnel. This approach streamlined the recruitment process, pinpointing the most qualified candidates poised to elevate and strengthen SITECH Louisiana’s sales team.

By taking these quality control measures, CEG ensured candidates were not only technically qualified for the position but also aligned with the company’s values and culture before connecting them to SITECH Louisiana.

The Results

Of the candidates sourced by CEG, 70% were interviewed, and 25% were hired.

We needed great people who were coachable, humble and fit the high standards we set for ourselves, and CEG understood those needs,” said Jay Thompson, CEO of SITECH Louisiana.

CEG’s personalized approach allowed SITECH Louisiana to hire smarter with a more effective recruiting process, connecting the business with top-tier candidates who align with its culture and values uniquely qualified to grow and enhance its sales team.

“Working with CEG has not only allowed us to grow our team but also strengthen the quality and culture of our business as a whole,” Thompson said.

Throughout our 23 years of marriage, my wife and I have purchased 10 homes. We’ve resided in five of them, while the remaining five served as investments. The most nerve-wracking home purchase we ever made was in 2003 in Jacksonville, FL. At that point, we listed our home for sale, and within a mere 72 hours, it was already under contract with a full-price cash offer. This meant we had just 30 days to pack up our lives and move 8 hours away, back to our family and friends in Baton Rouge, LA. We had not informed anyone at work about our impending departure, but we had an ailing family member in Baton Rouge, and we knew God was calling us to move back home. 

After work on a Friday afternoon, we drove into Baton Rouge – my uncle gave us the name of a realtor, and we had done our research on what homes we wanted to see. We had 36 hours to pick a house before we had to make the 8-hour drive back and be at work on Monday morning. There we were with our printed MLS sheets in the back of an Oldsmobile with a realtor I could only describe as a typical Grandmother – if your Grandmother had a turkey neck, blue hair, crazy ambition, and a vision for how you should live your life and didn’t listen to you. She took us to every house she wanted to sell and very few of the ones we wanted to see. We were running out of time. We called a friend from the back of that Oldsmobile for another referral. We chaotically shared our plight with Mel Landry, and Mel told us to ask the nice lady to leave us on the side of the road. In no time at all, Mel came in on his brown Nissan Pathfinder horse to save the day. Mel showed us two houses that we wanted to see, and we purchased the first house. Mel and his wife Denise became very close friends, and we purchased five more properties with Mel over the years.

So, what does that crazy story have to do with recruiting?  

  1. Everyone writes a job description when they need to hire (well, most of us anyway!). But just as important as the technical details is to know how quickly you need to make that hire. Are you in need of hiring the best person who is looking in the next two weeks, or would you prefer to wait until the perfect person comes on the market? In our most recent move, Sarah and I didn’t have to move. We were simply passively looking for years until something close to perfect came along. Be crystal clear with your team who is helping find your folks on how urgent your need is. 
  2. Ensure your recruiters are listening and understanding what you are looking for and not their own beliefs/opinions about what you should be looking for. Usually, this is a process over time as you work with your team, but often, you can tell right away if something is amiss. Bias and unconscious bias in recruiting will be a future blog (Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink should be required reading for anyone interviewing and hiring).
  3. Move quickly. But do not misunderstand – it’s important that you DO NOT skip the steps in your hiring process to ensure you have the right person in the right seat. So often, we see clients lose the best candidate because the hiring process took too long. You must be able to decide on a person in one week or less in most cases. The longer that person is looking, the less of a chance they will accept your job or your offer. Just like you are hunting for a new employee, they are hunting for a new home, and you have no idea what their timeline is. Are they going to accept the first thing, or are they going to shop for a year? The longer you take, the less chance they accept your offer, or the bigger chance they counter because they have another offer, or you spend a ton of time on a candidate that turns you down to get a better deal at their current job and wastes you and your team’s valuable time. Even if you are passively looking – you must have the discipline to push your hiring process forward in one week (note: this fits 80% of positions but not all).

Thank you for reading – I believe God put me on this earth to help bring people to a better place, so I am always trying to explore and learn. If you have ideas or stories for a blog – or a topic you would like to see more about, please let me know, as I would love to connect and learn together.

Welcome to CEG Recruiting, your premier talent acquisition partner, dedicated to delivering top-notch candidates tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. 

With close to 40 years of recruiting and retention experience among our team, we pride ourselves on being experts in practically every industry, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, disaster recovery, environmental, aerospace/defense, sales and marketing, healthcare, and technology.

Whether you require contract positions, direct placements, or contract-to-hire solutions, our consultative approach ensures we find the perfect fit for your team.

Our Recruitment Process: A Personalized Journey

At CEG Recruiting, we understand the importance of finding the right person for the right seat, and this drives our entire recruitment process. We start with an in-depth consultation, taking the time to understand your organization’s goals, values, and unique culture. By aligning with your vision, we can seek out behaviorally qualified candidates who will not only have the necessary technical skills but also possess the right attitude and mindset to thrive in your work environment.

Our interviews go beyond evaluating qualifications; we dig deeper to uncover the attributes that will contribute to a harmonious and collaborative work culture. We believe in transparency, and we encourage candidates to identify potential obstacles or weaknesses, allowing us to recognize those demonstrating a growth mindset and adaptability to thrive within your company.

Unique Strengths and Comprehensive Assessments

As a talent acquisition partner, we pride ourselves on aligning recruiters with roles that best utilize their unique strengths. Our comprehensive, AI-driven behavioral assessments provide you with extra data points beyond the resume. You’ll gain insights into a candidate’s motivators, strengths, weaknesses, and even aspects like pace and sociability. This valuable information ensures a deeper understanding of potential candidates, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Collaborative Team and Ready-to-Talk Candidates

Our collaborative team is well-equipped to assist in filling positions across industries, ensuring a steady flow of qualified candidates reaching your inbox weekly. Additionally, our extensive database comprises thousands of warm, ready-to-talk business candidates, saving you time and expediting the hiring process.

We are proud to hold certifications in military veteran recruiting, exemplifying our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Moreover, our team has undergone sales training, ensuring we can confidently represent your company and attract the best candidates.

Presenting Your Winning Team

Our commitment to efficiency without compromising on quality ensures that we present you with suitable candidates for consideration within 30 days or less. Rest assured that the candidates we recommend won’t just meet your expectations; they will also embody your company’s values and fit seamlessly into your culture.

Experience the CEG Recruiting Difference

At CEG Recruiting, we treat your hiring needs as if they were our own. Give us the opportunity to work with a few of your requisitions, and you’ll witness the CEG Recruiting difference firsthand. Our consultative touch will guide your hiring managers, enabling you to capitalize on top talent faster than your competitors.

Are you ready to find the perfect candidate who will make a lasting impact on your company? Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together. CEG Recruiting is committed to delivering top-quality talent that not only meets your requirements but also elevates your organization to new heights. Let’s find your next dynamic team member and set the stage for success!

At CEG Assessments, we specialize in connecting the right talent with the right positions. After facing recruitment struggles first-hand, we used our extensive industry experience to create an efficient recruitment process designed to simplify the task of finding and hiring ideal candidates. Our goal is to help you make smarter hires and ensure long-term retention.

Through our expertise and advanced assessment methods, we identify candidates who not only have the required skills but also align with your company’s values and goals. This approach reduces turnover and cultivates a stable, high-performing team.

As your growth and success partner, our recruitment solution works to enable you to make strategic hiring choices that benefit your business today and lay a strong foundation for the future. With us, you can hire confidently, knowing you’re investing in your organization’s growth and sustainability.